The Garden

Enjoy a stroll round our large secluded garden with its open lawns, mature trees, woodland glade, vegetable and fruit patch, and wildlife. Red squirrels and birds - including pheasants, woodpeckers and ducks - feast at several feeders around the garden. In our Journal you can see photographs of some of our wildlife e.g. "Gallery of Red Squirrels at The Dulaig"

You can also see our free range hens including - Black Rocks Daisy, Heather, Lily and Hazel, Barnevelders Geranium, Daphne and Fern, Silver-Laced Wyandottes Bella and Dahlia, Maran Erica and Welsummer Rowan, and little Scots Dumpies Snowdrop and Violet - all great for the garden and for delicious eggs for your breakfast!

The summerhouse provides you with a comfortable spot for relaxing and is an excellent viewpoint for watching or photographing the birds and wildlife as they visit the pond.

There is something to see all year round e.g as well as formal planting areas we have a marvellous display of fungi from late summer

As well as being really enthusiastic (if a little unorthodox!) amateur gardeners we care about the environment: click here to see our Green Policy.

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