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An "Ode to The Dulaig" by musician Mike Stout!

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An "Ode to The Dulaig" by musician Mike Stout!
We were quite overwhelmed and humbled to receive this poem written by US musician Mike Stout about The Dulaig B&B. Mike and his wife Stephanie stayed with us in July 2017 during their tour of the UK and this terrific poem reached us just a couple of days after their visit.  Mike has given us his permission to share the poem, and incredibly says that  some day when he has the right melody he may record it as a song for us - how wonderful is that?   Thank you, Mike and Ste...
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The Dulaig B&B is now closed.

It has been our absolute pleasure to share our home, garden, love of Scotland and of food, with guests over the past 14 years. The experience of running our B&B exceeded our wildest dreams however we - Carol, Gordon (& The Cake Fairy) - have hung up our aprons for the last time.

Thank you to the wonderful guests from all over the world who have stayed with us. You have given us so many special memories which we will always treasure. Thank you too, everyone else who has supported us: your confidence in us was appreciated more than words can say.

Warmest Wishes to All,
Carol, Gordon..and The Cake Fairy x

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