A New Year gift from Hyacinth Hen

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Crested cream legbar egg at The Dulaig, Cairngorms National ParkWe had a lovely surprise in the henhouse today, the first egg of the season from our flock of free-range hens.....and it is a blue-shelled one, laid by Hyacinth, a our Crested Cream Legbars.

Our 17 girls have been moulting over the past few months and because of this, and the shortest days of winter, they have not been laying eggs.  It is always a great treat to see the first egg of the New Year as this means we - and our guests - can now look forward to lots of wonderful eggs once again.

Crested Cream Legbar at The Dulaig B&B, Grantown-on-Spey


Here is Hyacinth. She and her sister Lavender give us these beautiful blue eggs which we use at The Dulaig B&B to make delicious breakfast dishes like this Eggs Benedict. 

Eggs Benedict The Dulaig 5 Star B&B

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