An OTTER is visiting The Dulaig garden....we really do have a wildlife haven!

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Since arriving at The Dulaig eight years ago we have tried to make our gardens a haven for wildlife as well as for our guests.

We know that every year we can see more and more birds and mammals visiting us and for fun we installed some cameras to see what is visiting us when we are not looking. We could not believe our eyes when one of our cameras picked up an OTTER!

From the spraint (you can see it on the rock above and behind the otter) we know it is visiting regularly and have managed to capture a night film of it too.

Otter are notoriously difficult to spot in the wild and having in the past travelled many miles across Scotland looking out for them it is amazing to discover that one is regularly visiting us!!  

I wonder what hidden gems our camera will capture next time......

Otter at The Dulaig B&B, Grantown on Spey, Cairngorms National Park

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