So many beautiful flowers - and more - in our garden at The Dulaig B&B

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Our garden at The Dulaig is so full of flowers and other life that it is hard to show all of it. Instead here is a little snaphot of what is here now.


Deutzia with bee at The Dulaig Grantown

Thie beautiful deutzia attracts bees and other pollinaters to feed.




Some combinations work really well, like this Acer Dissectum, paeony, Japanese anemone, Japanese granite bowl....and blackbird. It is The Dulaig after all!





Hosta makes lovely ground cover


Not everything is in flower right now but with a hosta as beautiful as this one it does not really matter.


Meconopsis at The Dulaig B&B Cairngorms National Park

Our garden is perfect for growing meconopsis, and this blue one is a real stunner.



Paeonies are also doing very well and this is the gorgeous Bartzella - guests always ask us about this beauty.

Roses from David Austin


Roses - we have dozens of them and we love the really scented ones - don't you?




So much to little time!



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