Our free-range hens roam the garden, great for the garden and for beautiful, delicious eggs for your breakfast!

We have a flock of 20 gorgeous hens, all with lovely flower names - Black Rocks Daisy and Lily, Silver-Laced Wyandottes Camellia and Bella, Cuckoo Marans Erica and Aster, Welsummers Rowan and Marigold, Rhode Island Reds Azalea and Rhododenron, Cream Crested Legbars Hyacinth and Lavender, fabulous Splash Orpington Marianna Silybum and Blue Orpingtons Veronica and Rosemary, Partridge Wyandottes Polyanthus and Primula and little Scots Dumpies Violet and Snowdrop (at 10 years old our oldest hen).

Perfectly poached, creamy scrambled, fabulously fried . . how do you like your eggs?

Scotland’s Best!

Look - Otter still visiting us at The Dulaig!

As you see here, a year after we first discovered it an otter is still visiting us regularly. Being a river otter it is usually out and about in the e... Read More...