A haven for wildlife, our one and a half acre garden is home to hundreds of wild birds and mammals and many more visit regularly including heron and, quite amazingly, an otter!

From the dawn chorus until the late evening birdsong fills the air, especially in spring when dozens of new broods appear. Every year we have ducklings on our pond, pheasants bring their young, and even tiny Willow Warblers return from their migration to Africa, building their amazing nests and breeding in our garden.

Red squirrels are here most days, bees and butterflies love our flowers, and, when they are not hibernating in our many twig piles over winter, hedgehogs come nightly to feed. 

We are within walking distance of places where rare species such as capercaillie and pine marten live.

Come and get up close to wildlife at The Dulaig – you will be amazed, especially if Hally Blackbird greets you on your arrival!

Divine hospitality in a perfect spot. Thanks.
R&R, Australia

Look - Otter still visiting us at The Dulaig!

As you see here, a year after we first discovered it an otter is still visiting us regularly. Being a river otter it is usually out and about in the e... Read More...